Docker Compose

The purpose of this deployment is to create a forked data pipeline using NATS , Influxdb and Prometheus

The example includes 3 gnmic instances.

  • The first, called collector, is responsible for streaming the gNMI data from the targets and output it to a NATS server.
  • The second and third, called relay1 and relay2, reads the data from NATS and writes it to either InfluxDB or Prometheus

This deployment enables a few use cases:

  • Apply different processors by the collector and relay.
  • Scale the collector and relay separately, see this example for a scaled-out version.
  • Fork the data into a separate pipeline for a different use case.

Deployment files:

Download the files, update the gnmic collector config files with the desired subscriptions and targets.

Deploy it with:

sudo docker-compose up -d

Check the Prometheus Output and NATS Input documentation page for more configuration options