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There are numerous ways gnmic can be deployed, each fulfilling a specific use case.

Whether it is gNMI telemetry collection and export to a single output, or clustered data pipelines with high availability and redundancy, the below examples should cover the most common use cases.

In this section you will find multiple deployment examples, using docker-compose or containerlab. Each deployment comes with:

  • a docker-compose or clab file
  • one or multiple gnmic configuration file(s)
  • extra configuration files if required by the use case (e.g: prometheus, grafana,...)

The containerlab examples come with a fabric deployed using Nokia's SR Linux

If you don't find an example that fits your needs, feel free to open an issue on github

Single Instance#

These examples showcase single gnmic instance deployments with the most commonly used outputs


gnmic can also be deployed in clustered mode to either load share the targets connections between multiple instances and offer connection resiliency, and/or replicate the collected data among all the cluster members


Building data pipelines using gnmic is achieved using the outputs and inputs plugins.

You will be able to process the data in a serial fashion, split it for parallel processing or mirror it to create a forked pipeline.