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Diff Set-To-Notifs


The diff set-to-notifs command is used to verify whether a set of notifications from a GetResponse or a stream of SubscribeResponse messages comply with a SetRequest messages in textproto format. The envisioned use case is to check whether a stored snapshot of device state matches that of the intended state as specified by a SetRequest.

The output is printed as a list of "flattened" gNMI updates, each line containing an XPath pointing to a leaf followed by its value.

Each line is preceded with either signs + or -:

  • + means the leaf and its value are present in the new SetRequest but not in the reference SetRequest.
  • - means the leaf and its value are present in the reference SetRequest but not in the new SetRequest.


SetToNotifsDiff(-want/SetRequest, +got/Notifications):
- /lacp/interfaces/interface[name=Port-Channel9]/config/interval: "FAST"
- /lacp/interfaces/interface[name=Port-Channel9]/config/name: "Port-Channel9"
- /lacp/interfaces/interface[name=Port-Channel9]/name: "Port-Channel9"
- /network-instances/network-instance[name=VrfBlue]/config/name: "VrfBlue"
- /network-instances/network-instance[name=VrfBlue]/config/type: "openconfig-network-instance-types:L3VRF"
- /network-instances/network-instance[name=VrfBlue]/name: "VrfBlue"
m /system/config/hostname:
  - "violetsareblue"
  + "rosesarered"

The output above indicates:

  • The set of paths starting with /lacp/interfaces/interface[name=Port-Channel9]/config/interval: "FAST" are present in the SetRequest but missing in the response from the device.
  • The value at path /system/config/hostname does not match that of the SetRequest.

When --full is specified, values common between the SetRequest and the response messages are also shown.

How to obtain a GetResponse or SubscribeResponse#

To obtain GetRespnse/SubscribeResponse in textproto format, simply run gnmic's subscribe or get functions and pass in the flag --format prototext.

Responses retrieved from either GetRequest or SubscribeRequest are supported by this command's --response flag.


gnmic [global-flags] diff set-to-notifs [local-flags]



The --setrequest flag is a mandatory flag that specifies the reference gNMI SetRequest textproto file for comparing against the new SetRequest.


The --response flag is a mandatory flag that specifies the gNMI Notifications textproto file (can contain a GetResponse or SubscribeResponse stream) for comparing against the reference SetRequest.


$ gnmic diff set-to-notifs --setrequest cmd/demo/setrequest.textproto --response cmd/demo/subscriberesponses.textproto